Black MICHCAMO® Moose Sustainable Beanie [Strength Courage Creativity]


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The MICHCAMO™ Moose is a symbol of overall strength, courage, and connection with our creative feminine energies.

INTENTIONAL ENERGY: Using art as therapy, I created each design with intentional energy behind it. These infused intentions can be used as a reminder to claim the purpose behind each product when used, or as energetic space to claim your own intention. Use the intention associated with each design based on what feels right for you, or simply share your love of Michigan and enjoy your MICHCAMO® product.


UP winters and time downstate on the lakes are no match for this super soft, sustainable, and cozy beanie.

  • 60/40 Polylana® fiber/acrylic
  • 8 1/2″

All designs © MICHCAMO®

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